Earn Easy Money - Through mGinger

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Want to earn money ? Earn Easy Money - Through mGinger !!

Hi Folks !! mGinger is a new concept in the World of Mobile Advertisement. Its easy , free and informative. You get to know where , which place what is happening , what is the latest discount on your favorite items , where to get the best Deals.

And more over for every sms you receive those information , you get paid, and it FREE. So Hurry , what are you waiting for !
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RAM Update / BIOS Update

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Need RAM update about your PC / Computer ?
Instead of calling IT helpdesk just run the attached BelArc Advisor, this will take a few moments to generate a profile of your PC.You can then get all the necessary info to be provided for the RAM update ...
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Getting system information about your computer is just a step away .....
1 ) Just download this file BelArc Advisor .
2) Install it to generate profile information for your PC.
3) This can be a very handy tool for system compatibility / comapring your system.

Enjoy ...


How to Download Songs from esnips

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Here is a simple way how to download Songs from esnips . Enjoy reading and listening to songs

Many of us face with the problem of not able to download songs from esnips. No more frustration from not being able to download songs you would love to listen from your PC / Computer. Here's how to do it.

1. First search for your song.

2. Next copy the URL in another window / tab.
e.g http://www.esnips.com/doc/29532b44-b06d-4242-ad22-c830be6d7199/02.-Aji-Jato-Tara
3. Next modify the URL a little bit as follows

4. In place of doc prefix it with nsdoc
e.g http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/29532b44-b06d-4242-ad22-c830be6d7199/02.-Aji-Jato-Tara

5. Remove the song name from the URL at the last
e.g http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/29532b44-b06d-4242-ad22-c830be6d7199/

6. Replace it with ts_id/1229268782812/ns_flash/file88.mp3

7. The final URL would look like this
e.g http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/29532b44-b06d-4242-ad22-c830be6d7199/ts_id/1229268782812/ns_flash/file88.mp3

8. Press Enter ...and Voilla it asks you to save the file :)

Happy Downloading....


Transcend Jet Flash Driver / USB Drive

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Problem with your Transcend Jet Flash Drive ?? Here's How to fix it , by doing a simple format.
Enjoy Reading ..

Recently, I see few Trancend USB's are become non-functional because of Viruses. If you are getting this error when you are trying to open the USB
"Would you like to Format you USB" or "Windows was not able to complete the format"
then CLICK HERE to download the software.
The Information is from Transcend Tech Support.I recovered one of my USB with this software.


Mobile Video Market

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The entry of a broad range of new mobile devices which are able to display video will have a profound effect on the nascent mobile video market. Over 160 million other devices that provide mobile video over networks will be sold in next five years.

At present only two percent of mobile phone users say they subscribe to a video service on their wireless plan. Seventeen percent have an interest in watching live TV content on their phones, and 11 percent would like to view short video clips on their handsets.
The shipments of 3G video-capable cellphones will increase 11.2 percent annually, reaching over 641 million by 2013.The number and types of devices using digital mobile broadcast networks such as ISDB-T, DVB-H, MediaFLO and DMB-T will expand to nearly 127 million in five years. China's CMMB will make up over 12 percent of those devices. More than half a billion devices capable of viewing Internet video over 3G networks will be sold in 2013.